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dsIDXpress 1.1.2

Author: Diverse Solutions
With the dsIDXpress plugin, bloggers can embed live real estate listings (using what is known as Internet Data Exchange, or IDX) into their blog’s posts and pages using something WordPress calls “shortcodes” and into their sidebars using the included widgets. The plugin also functions as a full IDX solution by allowing visitors to search for, and view the details of, listings in the MLS

Go to your WordPress admin area, then go to the “Plugins” area, then go to “Add New”.
Search for “dsidxpress” (sans quotes) in the plugin search box.
Click “Install” on the right, then click “Install” at the top-right in the window that comes up.
Go to the “Settings” -> “dsIDXpress” area.
Fill in the dsIDXpress activation key.

For a more detailed installation guide, please take a look at the install wiki.

You should read the getting started guide after installing this plugin.

How often will the data on my blog be updated?

With most MLS’s, the data will be pushed to your blog every 2 hours. With other MLS’s, data updates could take as long as 24 hours.

Can I use this without being a member of an MLS?

No. Due to MLS rules, we can only provide activation keys to MLS members.

Can I use this without an activation key if I’m a member of an MLS?

No. The data comes from our (Diverse Solutions’) servers, and we require an activation key before any of the data is released.

How much will an activation key cost?

You can find the pricing information on the dsIDXpress pricing page.

How do I get more information?

For more info on this plugin, please check out the dsIDXpress product page. You can also contact our sales department if you have questions.

dsIDXpress 1.1.2


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