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Share and Follow 1.11.7

Author: Andy Killen
Designed for average users to use, ideal for developers who want to save time, this plugin gives links to the most prominent Social Networking sites for sharing and following, presented in many different formats (widgets/shortcode/template tag/auto added). It offers the following features
This section describes how to install the plugin and get it working.

It can be installed in two ways, firstly by downloading the plugin from the WordPress directory website or by via the WordPress admin page for adding a new plugin

Downloading from WordPress Website

Download the plugin from the wordpress plugin directory
Unzip the plugin
Upload /share-and-follow/ directory to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress
Administer it from the ‘Settings’ menu using the ‘Share and Follow’ menu item

Using the WordPress Admin page for installing

Go to the admin page and select the ‘Plugins’ menu, using the ‘Add new’ menu item
Search for ‘share and follow’
Select install for the plugin ‘Share and Follow’ by Andy Killen
Activate the plugin through the ‘Installing Plugin’ page in WordPress
Administer it from the ‘Settings’ menu using the ‘Share and Follow’ menu item

important you must fill out the Follow links in the Share and Follow admin page for any follow link to display except RSS. The RSS link is the standard one for your site, however you will need to enter your own links for your Fcebook fan page, YouTube Channel and other follow links. If you leave the links blank the system will not display the icons or text on your pages/posts.

Does this system use Javascript?

Only on the link for MySpace Sharing, it uses a javascript to open a nice window rather than a whole tab. There is no other javascript used. It does not load jquery or any other framework.

Does phat reaction (makers of the plugin) or any other party collect stats about link clicks?

We do not save any data about your links and if they are clicked. This means that your business is your own, you are not giving away a part of it to a 3rd party.

What size icons can I use?

You can any of the following sizes 16X16px, 24X24px, 32X32px, 48X48px, 60X60px

How does it stop me loosing pagerank and why is that important?

The plugin has the item rel=”nofollow” item inside each of the links that are placed on a page. This means that when the google bot comes to your site it will not follow those links and give them a part of your pagerank. Your pagerank is important to you as it will place you higher in google organic rankings when it is higher than other information sources or your competitors.

How does the Follow tab work

The plugin adds a DIV at the bottom of the HTML just before the closing body tag, this div element is positioned absolutely in the place that you want, Top – Bottom – Left – Right.

Top : If placed at the top of the page it also adds padding of the same height to the Body element, pushing your content down. There is no text replacement available, use CSS to style. Use #follow in CSS
Bottom : If placed at the bottom of the page, there is no text replacement available as you can style your own text via CSS (use your theme CSS for best results). Use #follow in CSS
Left : Places a tab on the left of the screen. Icon only or Text replacement available (vertical text)
Right : Places a tab on the Right of the screen. Icon only or Text replacement available (vertical text)

Does the Follow tab or the addition of share links to the bottom of posts and pages effect the widgets?

No they all function independently. You can turn on an off each element as you like. However for any of the Follow links to work, you will need to enter your details into the admin screen, using ‘Settings’ menu and the ‘Share and Follow’ menu item

Can I have different widget configuration on different sidebars?

The widgets are setup to allow you to use it differently on every sidebar you have, or the same on all. They can be implemented on many sidebars at once.

Does the share links have to display on every page and post?

Nope you have quite a lot of control. You can choose to show it or not show it on

archive pages such as tags, catalog, archive, date

Also you can exclude pages just by entering them in a comma seperated list.

Share and Follow 1.11.7


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