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Worldwide Lexicon Translator 0.96

Author: Worldwide Lexicon Inc
The SpeakLike / Worldwide Lexicon translator enables you to publish in any language, using any combination of machine translation, community translations and professional translation (for just pennies per word)
This section describes how to install the plugin and get it working.


Download the plugin here, or go to code.google.com/p/worldwidelexicon
Go to Manage Plugins >> Add Plugin, upload the the plugin and activate it
Go to Appearance >> Widgets, and add the Worldwide Lexicon sidebar widget (this displays a list of available languages)
Go to Settings >> Worldwide Lexicon, to configure the plug in

When configuring the plugin, you define rules for each target (translated) language, which include:

Allow / disallow machine translation
Allow / disallow community translation
Define who is allowed to edit community translations (e.g. authors and editors)
Request professional translation (SpeakLike account required)

Is this a machine translation tool?

The Worldwide Lexicon translator supports machine translation, but it does much more. You can translate your site using automated services like Google Translate, but you can also allow your readers to translate your posts for you, and you can subscribe to SpeakLike, a professional translation service that costs just pennies per word. So you can use whatever combination of translation services works best for your quality requirements, audience and budget.

How many languages do you support?

Machine translation is available for over 50 languages, while SpeakLike professional translation is available for 35 languages. Community translation works for hundreds of languages. If you have volunteers who speak an uncommon language, WWL will support it.

How fast are translations produced?

Machine translations appear instantly, as soon as you publish a post. Community translations depend on your user community and how quickly they respond to your invitation to translate posts. Professional translations are completed within a day, and depending on the service level, can be much faster (1-2 hours).

How much do professional translations cost?

As little as six cents / word. The per word cost varies based on the languages used, and on the service level agreement. SpeakLike offers both low cost options, with turnaround time of about a day, as well as higher cost, rapid response service with turnaround times of less than two hours. Visit http://www.speaklike.com for a complete list of languages, prices and service levels.

Who Can I Contact For Support?

bsmcconnell at gmail.com

Worldwide Lexicon Translator 0.96


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