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DynaPoll 1.0.3

Author: Alasdair Boyd
If you would like to host one of your polls or, indeed, any poll from DynaPoll on your site then this is the plugin for you
For full detailed instructions and the usage demonstration video please check http://www.dynapoll.net/survey/dynapoll_wordpress_plugin

It’s really easy to use the plugin. Before you can though you need to know the Poll Code for the poll you wish to display. You can grab your poll code from the Vote URL of the poll.
Whereever there is a link to the poll on this DynaPoll, whether it is in your My Polls page, in the Poll Browser or anywhere else, you can see the URL for the poll by either clicking on the question or
right clicking on the question and choosing the option to “Copy Link Address”. The code is the last parameter of the vote URL which looks like this:


The URL above is for the What is your favourite colour? poll and the poll code for this is: 1gQXDBnMx3CDppWbaLDH4

You will also need to know the theme you wish to use. If you are not sure just try them all – there are currently only 2. You can choose between “light” and “dark”. The shade refers to the
shade of the background of the site you are embedding the poll in. So for example if you have a really dark site with a dark background you will choose theme “dark”.

There are several ways you can embed a DynaPoll Poll into your WordPress site:

In your Blog Posts or Page content put the following tag where you would like the poll to appear:

[dynapoll: 1gQXDBnMx3CDppWbaLDH4, dark]


Anywhere in the WordPress Template put the following code:

$poll_code = ‘1gQXDBnMx3CDppWbaLDH4’;
$theme = ‘dark’;
echo dynapoll_get_poll($poll_code, $theme);


If you want to use it in a Dynamic Sidebar with a Widget we recommend downloading the PHP Code Widget by Otto. Drag the PHP Code Widget into
your sidebar and paste the following code into the content of the Widget:

$poll_code = ‘1gQXDBnMx3CDppWbaLDH4’;
$theme = ‘light’;
echo dynapoll_get_poll($poll_code, $theme);

There are no questions to report at this stage 🙂

DynaPoll 1.0.3


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