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Keyword Statistics 1.3.7

Author: Alexander Müller
With this plugin you can optimize your WordPress blog for search engines.
It can automatically generate meta informations (like keywords and description for example) needed for the search engine optimization (SEO) of your blog

Just copy the keyword-statistics folder to the plugins directory of your blog.
Enable the plugin in your admin panel.
Use the options panel to choose the settings you want.

Updating: If you are updating by uploading the files by your ftp program you should login as admin after it.
This way options added in later versions will be initialized without changing the way your blog has served meta informations before.

After updating you should check the plugins configuration at the options panel and save the settings.
If anything goes wrong with the plugin do this first.
There may are new options for whom an initialization is needed and this will be done by saving the configuration.

Just tell your authors which keyword density you need and let them create the content – the on-page SEO work will be done automatically.
Remember that all META informations (meta keywords, meta description and the meta-tags for robots – and moreover the canonical url in WordPress versions less than 2.9) will only be generated and served by your blog if you have created or edited your posts or pages after installation of the plugin.
Each older post or page has to be opened and saved manually if the keywords, description and robots META should be generated (if you configured automatic setting of meta data) automatically.
After that the header tags for search engines will be set and served from the next page-request on.
By the way you can check the keyword density of the page content – maybe you have to change the text a little bit to reach your desired density.

My language is not supported by the plugin! How can I replace a language I don’t need with another one?

First you should add the language specific stopwords. You can integrate them in the file stopwords.js. The simpliest way: If you are writing in french you can edit the block defined with ‘de’ which you replace with ‘fr’ – if you don’t need the german language. After that you can replace the wordlist with the french ones. At least you have to search the file keyword-statistics.php for all occurencies of the string <option value=”de” and replace the de with fr.

I don’t know the language code for the language I want to add! Where can I find it?

Simply have a look at http://xml.coverpages.org/iso639a.html. There you can find a list of all language codes that can be used as your content lanugage.

I want to add my language to the existing ones! How does it work?

Simply add the string ‘*LANGUAGE*’: [ *…* ], at the second line of the file stopwords.js. Replace *LANGUAGE* with the one you want to integrate (fr if you want to integrate french for example).The *…* is a placeholder for the stopwords you wish to define. You must embed each word in single quotes (e.g. ‘the’). Single quotes unsed in the stopword have to be escaped with \’. If you wan to add it’s you have to make it this way: ‘it\’s’. Between the stopwords you need a , to separate them.

At least you have to search after all occurencies of <option value=”de”. Just copy these lines and insert them the line before. Then change all “de”s in the new line to “fr”. From now on you can set french as your default language and also choose it in edit post/page.

Which words should appear in the stopword list?

The stopword list should only contain single words with no double meanings. For example in the dutch language the word ‘weer’ means ‘weather’ but also ‘again’. Words like that should not appear in the list. There are two reasons why: Firstly these words are helping search engines to classify the page content and these words are surely not classified as stopwords by Google, Yahoo! and Bing. The second reason is that there are some people writing about weather and they need this word to be listed as a keyword and not as a stopword. So please avoid those words if you want to filter stopwords.

Every time the plugin has been updated I need to reintegrate my stopwords. What can I do to prevent this?

Just send me the stopword list. Before you do this be sure that the stopwords face the conditions described above. I’ll check the wordlist – if there is a way of automatic translation – and add it to the plugin. In future updates the stopwords stay inside the plugin so you don’t have to do it anymore.

I am missing some stopwords in the plugin’s list. Can you add them?

If there are some words that – for your meaning – belong to the stopword list just send them to me via. e-mail. I’ll check and maybe add them to the existing.

Where can I get the plugin with my native backend language?

You have to create your own pot file of the plugin which is containing the localized captions. Translate the captions in the pot file and build your own mo file. The name of this file has to keep the structure condition keyword-statistics-*LANGUAGE*.mo. LANGUAGE is a placeolder for your personal language – to be exact the shortcode of it. If you are translating the captions to spanish you’ll use es instead of it.

More about localization you’ll find at I18n and Translating WordPress

How can I translate the plugin’s backend to my language?

If you want to translate the captions displayed at the admin interface or the author’s view for editing posts, you’ll have to edit the included file named keyword-statistics.pot that comes with the current version of the plugin. There you see the english captions used in the backend.

It is separated in blocks beginning with comments – recognizable at a # – which is followed by two lines. The first line is containing the double quoted english caption initiated by a msgid at the beginning of the line. At the second line – initiated by msgstr – you can add your translation between the double quotes.

After translating all messages you can send me the file and I’ll integrate the translation. At the end your authors got rid of the language mix at their backend.

Keyword Statistics 1.3.7


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