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WP SlimStat 2.0-beta1

Author: Camu
It’s back, by popular demand! Yes, you asked for it and here it is: WP SlimStat 2.
Completely rewritten from the ground up, lightweight, optimized, much more powerful
and flexible. Please note: this is a beta version. It CAN be used in a production
environment, but some of the features (like filtering and ‘more’ links) are not active yet

Upload the entire folder and all the subfolders to your WordPress plugins’ folder
Activate the plugin in your admin panel
Make sure your template calls the function wp_footer() somewhere (possibly just before the </body> tag)
You’ll see a new menu entry under the Dashboard, called “Analytics”. If you don’t want to configure WP SlimStat, you’re done.
You’ll also have a new menu entry under Tools, called “SlimStat”. Here you can customize all the options.
Show your appreciation! Tell your friends you are using WP SlimStat, write an article about it!

Updating from 0.9.2

Unfortunately, due the completely different db structure, it’s not possible to update from 0.9.2 to 2.0.
I mean, you can still click on ‘Update plugin’ in the alert message you see inside your Plugins’ admin panel,
but once the update process is complete, WP SlimStat 2 won’t be able to track anything. There’s an easy fix,
though: go under Tools > SlimStat > Maintenance. If you still have an ‘old’ db structure, you’ll see an
alert message “Old table detected” and a button to RESET it. Click on this button (YOU WILL LOSE ALL YOUR
DATA COLLECTED BY WP-SlimStat 0.9.2!) and then deactivate/reactivate WP SlimStat. Now, if you go back
to Maintenance, that alert message should be gone.

WP SlimStat 2.0-beta1


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