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schmie_twitter 1.3.5

Author: Schmitt Michael
Schmie_twitter is really awesome! When you update or publish a new post on your WordPress Blog,
it will notifiy your followers on Ping.fm Twitter and / or Identica!!!. Now, theres language support (english and german) Feel free to translate.
If you’re hoster blocks Twitter (like my Hoster), you can use Twittermail.
You only need an emailadress on your webspace.
The plugin supports several Url-shortening-services (is.gd,bit.ly,i2h and tinyurl).
If your favortive service is missing, write me an email (schmiddim@gmx.at).
Generally I’m happy about feedback. The plugin is still in developement.
Next step is the implementation of more Tweethooks and shortening services, if desired.
It is possible now to use Ping.fm. All you need is of course an account there, The User Api Key and an Api Key
Download the zip file in your plugindirectory (wp-content/plugins/) and extract it. Activate it and configure it in the adminpanel (Settings->schmie_twitter Settings)

The Twittermail function does not work

You need an Email account on your Webspace.
It won’t work with Mailservices like
Googlemail oder Gmx. I would implement this, but the PHP on my Webspace
is unable to handle Imap or Pop 😦 Feel free to donate for a payed webspace and the function will come 🙂

It takes some time until the message arrives on twitter

Thats a problem with your Webhoster. For example on byethost, it takes up to
30 minutes until your twitter status is updated.

schmie_twitter 1.3.5


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