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Easy Links 1.1

Author: Vintuna

The Easy Links Plugin helps Blog administrators to do link exchange easily and display in posts and pages with the help of a short code.
This plugin also empowers the Blog administrator to check reciprocal links. In other words the plugin checks whether our links are present or not in the link partner’s site (specified url).
Email templates and pagination options are also an added bonus which comes along with this plugin. With email templates option the administrator can easily send emails to its link vendors with pre-configured content.

Major Features

Administrator can add unlimited links.
Reciprocal Links can be checked easily.
Easy pagination and email template configuraiton.
Send emails to link vendors with the click of a single button.

Included Files

Class folder (contains files for pagination)
Images folder (contains images required for displaying certain elements within the plugin)
Spry Assets folder (contains JavaScript files required for client-side validation of data)

Tags: link directory, linking, reciprocal, link exchange, links

Installation process is a easy 4 step procedure.
1. Download the zip folder named easy_links_plugin.zip
2. Unzip the folder and put it in the plugins directory of your wordpress installation. (wp-content/plugins).
3. Activate the plugin through the plugin window in the admin panel.
4. Add a shortcode [all_links] to any page or post in order to display your links.

For Step by step check here: http://www.vintuna.com/easy-links

How do I know what short tag to add?

The only shortage( shortcode ) used is [all_links]

How do I control the number of pages or items per page?

The settings section helps you sort out the number of pages you want to display.

How do I know what shortcode to add in the email template section?

The shortcodes used in the email template section are the ones which are already present. These are:
* Display Link Exchange Partner Name: [linkpartner_name]
* Display URL what need to check: [check_url]
* Display URL where should check: [where_url]
* Display current site URL: [mysite_name]

Some errors occur during installation. What am i supposed to do?

Problems during installation will mostly arise due to certain configurations in your server which aren’t compatible with the plugin.

Can I use [all_links] on more than one page or post?

You can use the shortcode [all_links] in as many pages and posts as you like.

Can I modify the code?

Yes, you can certainly modify the code but please keep in mind that this plugin has a GPLv2 license. Please give http://www.vintuna.com the credit it deserves if you want to modify and shell out a fork of this plugin.

*NOTE: If you have any other queries or problems regarding the plugin please contact us at: – http://www.vintuna.com/support/

Easy Links 1.1


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