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NoSpamNX 3.12

Author: Sven Kubiak
Most Antispam Plugins focus on user interaction, e.g. captcha or Math calculations to defend you against automated comment spambots. Some use JavaScript and/or Sessions, check each comment against common spam phrases or modify your comment template. NoSpamNX intend to handle automated comment-spam without these measures. It does not require JavaScript, Cookies or Sessions. It does not change any of your comment template fields, given you full compatibility with other WordPress- or Browser Plugins

Unzip Plugin
Copy the nospamnx folder to your wp-content/plugins folder
Activate plugin
(Optional) Adjust settings (settings -> NoSpamNX)


After I updated to Version x.x the plugin seems broken!

In 99.9% this is because NoSpamNX misses some options. Deactivate and (re)activate the plugin.

When I activate the plugin, the hidden fields are visible!

Make sure that the template you are using calls wp_head before the closing HEAD tag. See http://is.gd/tazh for more information.

My template does load `wp_head`, but the hidden fields are still visible!

First, deactivate and re-active the Plugin. Then go to settings -> NoSpamNX and reset the CSS Name.

What is the difference to other Anti-Spambots plugins?

Spambots are stopped within the plugin. You don’t see them, and most important, you don’t have to moderate them (if you don’t want to)!

Does the plugin block Ping-/Trackback Spam as well?

No, the plugin focus on automated Spambots only.

What about false-positives?

Due to the functionality of NoSpamNX false-positives are nearly impossible. There ‘might’ be problems when using WordPress Cache-Plugins, but none have ever been reported. If you are uncertain, mark Spambots as Spam instead of blocking them.

NoSpamNX 3.12


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