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RSS Just Better 0.4

Author: Stefania Marchisio
It displays a list of feed items from a given feed URL. You can select the number of displayable items, whether you want publication date, time and/or excerpt (and how many chars of it). The user can choose to have a ordered (numbered) or unordered (bullet-point) list and to open a new windows or not, when clicking on the linked items

From Plugins->Installed of your wordpress administration, select “Add new”, search for “RSS just better” into the search text-box then click on ‘Install’ (on the right) when prompted with this plugin


Download this plugin from wordpress repository or from Stefania’s blog, unzip it (a directory with 2 files will be extracted) and upload it to the ‘/wp-content/plugins/’ directory of your wordpress
Activate the plugin through the Plugins->Installed menu in your WordPress administration
Configure it (see Usage in Other Notes)

Why the heck would I need/want it?

Well, it provides the latest items of any feed on the Internet: can you imagine what boost of traffic it can bring to your blog?
Let’s pretend you write about volleyball, knitting or lactose-intolerance. You just need to enter the relevant feed in the feed URL and wait for it to display the latest items on your subject.

Hey, I cannot find any configuration page in ‘Settings’ How does it work?

As a widget, you drag & drop the widget to any widget-ready area of your theme; open and complete the widget form, and click on ‘Save’ button.
As a shortcode, you add/edit the post/page you want the news to be displayed into – IN HTML MODE! – and enter your shortcode as explained in Usage (in Other Notes).

RSS Just Better 0.4


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