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Shorten2Ping 1.4.3

Author: Samuel Aguilera
Sends status updates to Ping.fm or Twitter everytime you publish a post. Using many shorteners or even your own domain for shortened permalinks. So this way you can send status to many sites at once if you have a Ping.fm account or send only to Twitter if you prefer that

Extract the zip file and just drop the contents in the wp-content/plugins/ directory of your WordPress installation (or install it directly from your dashboard) and then activate the Plugin from Plugins page.
After that go to options page ‘Shorten2Ping’ and fill the required information for your accounts, and customize the message template if you want.
Now you’re ready, the plugin will notify Ping.fm or Twitter (at your choice) everytime you publish a new post (and Ping.fm will do the same to every site that you configured there, if you use this service).

Will this plugin works in WordPress older than 2.7.x?

Maybe, but use it at your own risk. I’ll not support anyone using outdated WP (or outdated PHP). At the moment of writing this I’m running this plugin on WordPress 2.9 and PHP 5.x and works fine, and was running without problems on WP 2.8.x and 2.7.x too. If you run anything below WP 2.7 and PHP 5.x, please update for your own good! (and dont ask me for support).

Why you did this plugin?

I wanted a (single) simple plugin for using Ping.fm + Bit.ly to notify about new posts to my contacts.

Are you planning to add more features?

At first only a few little improvements maybe. But if someone suggest a nice feature, and if I have time enough maybe I’ll add it.
But it’s not my priority. I want to keep it simple.

I want to show the short permalink to my visitors. How can I do this?

Simply put <?php short_permalink(); ?> in your theme where you want to show short permalink. You can add the parameter ‘linktext’, <?php short_permalink(‘linktext’); ?> and it will use the short permalink as text for the link too. Or if you have advanced knowledge of WordPress
theme coding, you can get the ‘short_url’ post meta directly and showing it as you like.

Hey man!, when I turn off shortener services in Shorten2Ping and send notifications directly to Twitter, I get Bit.ly links anyway…

Twitter has decided to shorten ALL URLs (except the ones already shortened) sent to Twitter using Bit.ly service (without user API). But you can keep track of the statistics if you dont put your Bit.ly information in the Shorten2Ping settings.

Hey man!, the same than above question but with Ping.fm

From sometime ago Ping.fm has his own link shortener service too, so if you disabled Shorten2Ping option to make shorlinks, but you see http://ping.fm/xxxx when you notify a post through Ping.fm, you must disable this service in your Ping.fm account settings.

Facebook is showing an image from my page header that I dont want to use for that, how can I select wich image to show when sending the post to Facebook?

Since 1.3 version, Shorten2Ping adds a meta field in the single post view (the one that Facebook will scan) telling Facebook to use the first image uploaded and inserted in the post. If you want to override this, or simply you didn’t uploaded any image to the post (even if you inserted one), you can add a custom field to the post named ‘fb_img’ and put the full URL to the image in the value for this custom field.

My post has an image inserted into it, but your plugin is not inserting the Facebook meta to use this image for the thumbnail, what happens?

It only works with images that you uploaded to THAT post, so if you inserted an image from the media library that was uploaded previously to other post. You’ll need to use the ‘fb_img’ custom field described before. I could add some code to sort this out, but the only way to make that (scanning the post content) could make the posting process slower if you use big images.

Shorten2Ping 1.4.3


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