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PhotoSmash Galleries 0.7.03

Author: Byron Bennett
PhotoSmash Galleries makes it easy to create photo galleries in posts or pages that your users can upload images to. PhotoSmash has incredibly flexible and simple models for designing custom gallery and form layouts, utilizing your own custom database fields, html, and css, or just use the standard

Upload the plugin folder, bwb-photosmash, to the ‘/wp-content/plugins/’ directory
Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress
To automatically add a new gallery to a post, put this shortcode in the body of the post where you want it to show up: [photosmash]
To add a specific existing gallery to a post, use this shortcode (replacing ## with the gallery’s id): [photosmash id=##]
Alternatively, you can set PhotoSmash to “auto-add” galleries to all post by updating the settings in the PhotoSmash options page in the Settings Admin menu.

Is PhotoSmash free?

Yes…and it’s licensed under the GPL.

How many galleries can a Post have?

Unlimited. Just add as many [photosmash=%id%] tags as you like…But performance gets to be an issue at some point.

Who can upload images to a gallery?

You control this on a gallery-by-gallery basis (you can also set a default for PhotoSmash that all new galleries will inherit). Your options are Admins only; Admins, Authors, and Contributors (anyone with level_1 or higher roles); or Register Users (level_0 roles).

Can unregistered users upload images?

Yes…if you assign the minimum role for uploading to ‘Anyone’

How can I upload images to a gallery before adding to a Post?

Create your gallery in Gallery Settings. Go to Photo Manager, select and view your gallery. There will be an Add Images button.

How do I change the appearance of my galleries?

In the bwb-photosmash plugin folder, there is a css file: bwbps.css
It should be relatively straight forward to change the look and feel through this file.
You can also exclude the standard css file and include your own through options in the Advanced tab of PhotoSmash Settings.

PhotoSmash Galleries 0.7.03


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