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DPD-Cart eCommerce Plugin 1.4

Author: DPD: Digital Product Delivery
The DPD-Cart Plugin is an ecommerce solution to sell downloads with DPD from your WordPress (2.8+) blog. This plugin requires an active DPD account to use

Copy the entire dpd-cart directory to your /wp-content/plugins directory. Do not change the directory name or copy individual files- you must copy the entire directory to your /wp-content/plugins/ directory for the DPD-Cart plugin to work properly. The correct path for the plugin is /wp-content/plugins/dpd-cart.
Activate the plugin in your WordPress admin.
Go to the DPD-Cart configuration page under Plugins and enter your DPD username and API key. Your DPD username and API key can be found by logging in to DPD and then going to “Profile Options” under the “Profile” menu on the dashboard.
Click “Update Options” on the configuration page to store your API credentials and load your storefronts inside your WordPress blog.
Choose which storefront you would like to associate with this blog. If you only have one storefront the default storefront will be selected.
Select the button style you would like to use.
Click “Update Options” to save your storefront and button choices.

Using the DPD-Cart Plugin

Activating the Sidebar “View Cart” Widget:

The DPD-Cart sidebar widget will display a view-cart / checkout link on each page of your blog where the widget is loaded.

Go to “Widgets” under “Appearance” options in your WordPress admin.
Drag the “DPD-Cart Widget” to your sidebar where you would like it to appear. Most eCommerce layouts have this in the top of the right or left sidebar of your site.
Optionally, create a title for the widget.

Inserting Add-To-Cart buttons in posts or pages:

You can easily insert Add-To-Cart button code to any post or page in your WordPress site.

Create a new post or page or edit an existing one.
On the HTML tab of the editor, move your cursor to where you want the button to appear and then click on the DPD Cart editor button.
On the popup that opens your active storefront products will be displayed in the drop-down. Select the product you want to insert in to the post and click the “Insert” button.

The DPD-Cart plugin will create a [dpd-atc] quicktag with your product’s details. The quicktag will be converted into an add to cart button when your post is published.

DPD-Cart eCommerce Plugin 1.4


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