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Wildflowerizer 1.0

Author: Dawn Endico
Wildflowerizer is a sidebar widget that randomly displays a photo that’s been recently added to the Wildflower Field Guide, North America group at Flickr

Install the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress. If
installing from a zip file, place the wildflowerizer folder in your
wp-content/plugins/ folder.
Activate the plugin on your Manage Plugins page.
In the Appearance section, choose Widgets and drag Bug Of The
Day to your sidebar. The default image size is 240×180 pixels. If
your sidebar isn’t that wide, then choose 100×75.

So far the plugin has only been tested with WordPress 2.9.2.

If your theme doesn’t support widgets, you can still use the widget by adding this code to your sidebar, as explained in this post.

<?php { ; ?>
<?php $instance = array(“title” => “My Widget”, “number” => 9); ?>
<?php $args = array(“title” => “My Widget”, “before_title” => “<h2>”, “after_title” => “</h2>”); ?>
<?php $sb = new Wildflowerizer_Widget(); ?>
<?php $sb->number = $instance[’number’]; ?>
<?php $sb->widget($args,$instance); ?>
<?php } ?>

Wildflowerizer 1.0


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