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Auto Delete Posts 1.2.2

Author: Ashwin Bihari
The Auto Delete Posts plugin can be used to delete all posts after an expiration date has elapsed. It is also
possible to move all posts to a single category after expiration. Disabling the plugin will provide
a preview of posts that will be deleted or moved
First time

Copy the directory auto-delete-posts to your /wp-content/plugins directory.
Go to ‘Plugins’ under the Administration menu and Activate the plugin.
Go to ‘Settings->Auto Delete Posts’ to view the current configuration.
Modify options, enable plugin and UPDATE.

You’re done.

Upgrade (pre v1.2)

Update the plugin, activate, deactivate and re-activate the plugin to remove configuration frmo previous versions.
Choose the appropriate action and set the expiration days.

Upgrade (post v1.2)

Upgrade the plugin.
Choose the appropraite action and set the expiration days.

If everything looked good, you’re done.

Q-1) How do I use this plugin?
A-1) The Auto-Delete-Posts plugin will be run each time a new post or page is created or when an existing post or page is edited.

Q-2) Why is there a delay after submitting a new post or editing an existing one?
A-2) If you have a large number of posts that need to deleted/moved, this will slow things down. If you find you end up having to delete/move a lot of posts, then change the expiration days to a smaller values so that older posts are deleted more often and speeding things up.

Q-3) I upgraded to a version after v1.1 and the plugin doesn’t delete, move or perform any action?
A-3) Starting with v1.1, I fixed the way the options were being saved (they weren’t before, a bug that didn’t break anything). Due to this change, it is required to properly go and select the categories for each of the Delete, Move or Add actions of the plugin and then the actions should work as they’ve had before.

Auto Delete Posts 1.2.2


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