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SEO SearchTerms Tagging 2 1.28

Author: Purwedi Kurniawan
The purpose of this plugin is to strengthened our on page SEO by adding new internal linking to the blog post using the most popular keywords used by search engine visitors to find the blog post from search engine ( incoming search terms )

Download it here. or search from WordPress Admin » Plugin » Add New.
Install and activate from WordPress Admin » Plugins page.
Go to the WordPress Admin Options page » SearchTerms Tagging 2, and set the options as you wish.
Go to the WordPress Admin » Appearance » Widgets to use the Popular & Recent Search Terms Widget.

Do I still need to edit the template and add the plugin code manually if I choose to add the search terms list automatically after post content?

No need. List of search terms will automatically be added right after the post content. The result will represent the display options that you specify in ‘WordPress Admin > Settings > SEO searchTerms 2’ menu.

Where do I need to add the plugin code manually?

You can put the plugin code into current template that you use in file index.php or single.php and page.php. The most common place is under the post content or below the comments form.

I prefer to display the search terms in the form of paragraphs, separated by commas, not in the form of a list like the plugin default format. How can I get results like that?

Go to ‘WordPress Admin > Settings > SEO searchTerms 2’ menu,
Empty columns ‘Text and code After and Before the list’,
Empty columns ‘Text and code before each keyword’,
And fill ‘,’ (a comma followed by a space) in the ‘Text and code after each keyword’,

I do not see any changes on the single post page, how do I know that this plugin works well?

This plugin will not display the list of search terms until there was a visitors who come from search engines into the blog posts. Until then, there will be no search terms are displayed.

So please wait until the plugin log any visitors coming from search engines. Or you can search your own blog post from search engines to do a test.

It seem the plugin won’t work with my theme, what is wrong?

Like many others SEO plugins, this plugin require your theme to call wp_head() hook on the HTML header. Put code between your … , usually on header.php file. Open file header.php on theme WordPress Default as references if you need to.

SEO SearchTerms Tagging 2 1.28


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