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BibleGateway VOTD 2.3

Author: Dave Zaikos
Adds BibleGateway.com’s verse of the day as a sidebar widget. This plugin will also allow you to include the verse of the day in a page or post using a shortcode: [bible-votd]. Different Bible translations can be selected from the widget’s page or as options in the shortcode

Upload the bible-votd.php file to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory.
Activate the plugin in the ‘Plugins’ page in WordPress.
Add the BibleGateway VOTD widget to your sidebar. Or,
Type [bible-votd] in the page or post content where you want the verse to appear.

Why does using the plugin cause page load times to increase?

The plugin takes the JavaScript provided by BibleGateway.com for inserting the verse of the day and includes that when you use the widget or shortcode. If BibleGateway.com servers are running slow your visitor’s web browser will wait for BibleGateway.com to respond with the verse (or timeout) before it finishes loading the page.

This issue is common when inserting content from another site (e.g. BibleGateway.com, Twitter.com, etc.). You can work around the issue by placing the widget or shortcode as close the end of your page as possible.

What are the version numbers for supported translations when including the verse in a page or post?

8 = American Standard Version
45 = Amplified Bible
16 = Darby Translation
47 = English Standard Version
9 = King James Version
49 = New American Standard Bible
76 = New International Reader’s Version
31 = New International Version
64 = New International Version – UK
72 = Today’s New International Version
15 = Young’s Literal Translation

Does changing the version in the widget affect the default version used in pages or posts?

Yes. The initial default is the New International Version (#31); however, when you change the version in the widget sidebar, the selected translation now becomes the default used for the shortcode in pages and posts.

BibleGateway VOTD 2.3


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