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External “Video for Everybody” 0.6

Author: Kevin Wiliarty
Important: This plugin is designed to operate on media files hosted
outside your WordPress site. It does not integrate with the Media library,
and it does not create the media files.
You can search for this plugin from your WordPress plugins administration interface and install it automatically.

Or to install it manually:

Download the zipped plugin using the link to the right
Unzip it and put the folder in your wp-contents/plugins folder

After activating the plugin, you should:

Configure the settings at Media > External VfE
Add shortcodes to your posts and pages in order to diplay video

Why this plugin?

This plugin is not for everybody, even if the video tries to be. If I were not
writing my own plugin, I would probably be using the Degradable HTML5 audio
and video
Plugin by Pavel Soukenik, but there are some differences worth
noting. Soukenik’s plugin uses JavaScript to detect different browsers, and it
goes straight to Flash rather than trying first to use QuickTime. You might
want that. My own plugin, adhering closely to the Video for
approach, uses no JavaScript and falls back to QuickTime before Flash.
(Note that version 0.4 of Video for Everybody drops the QuickTime
fallback in order to simplify the HTML. Since the plugin already
simplifies the process of creating the code, I am maintaining the
QuickTime fallback for the present.)

I also
offer an options page where you can define site-wide default paths and
dimensions. The defaults can be overridden in any particular shortcode, but in
default cases this keeps the shortcode simple. In his favor, Soukenik’s
shortcodes give you more control over playback options.

Who is this plugin for?

Ultimately it’s for myself. I created the External “Video for Everybody”
plugin to suit my own priorities, but I also tried to put it together in a way
that would make it useful for and usable by others, and I am happy to share
it. I host my video outside my WordPress site. I want to use HTML5 and Ogg.
So… External “Video for Everybody”

Are you offering support for this plugin?


How can I create the video files this plugin looks for?

The Theora Cookbook has a lot of information on how to encode .ogv files.

The Miro Video Converter is a handy free and opensource utility for this purpose.

You might also be interested in trying a shell
script I use to convert videos
for myself.

External “Video for Everybody” 0.6


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