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wp2pgpmail 1.01

Author: Jériel BELAÏCH
With wp2pgpmail, your visitors can send you a PGP encrypted message very easily. A contact form will offer encryption for sending you confidental messages

Upload and extract the content of ‘wp2pgpmail.zip’ to the ‘/wp-content/plugins/’ directory
Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress
Paste your PGP public key in the option setting page of wp2pgpmail
Place the tag in the HTML code of the page you want to see the form

Where do I get a public PGP key and how do I uncrypt messages ?

The easiest way to use PGP is to install Mozilla Thunderbird with the Enigmail extension.

wp2pgpmail is not available in my language. What can I do ?

You can translate wp2pgpmail in your language, then submit your translation, so everybody would can use it :
1. Download and install Poedit
1. Open the wp2pgpmail POT file from wp2pgpmail/i18n/wp2pgpmail.pot
1. Go to File => Save as… to save your translations in a PO file (wp2pgpmail-fr_FR.po for example)
1. When you are finished translating, go to File => Save as… again to generate the MO file
1. Send us the PO and MO files to translation@wp2pgpmail.com : we will add them to the next release of the plugin

wp2pgpmail 1.01


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