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Subscription DNA® 1.0.4

Author: The development team at Subscription DNA
Subscription DNA® is an enterprise subscription billing and membership management platform.
A paid account with Subscription DNA® allows the platform to enable the free WordPress plugin.
This wordpress plugin quickly ties in the basic subscriber functionality needed to run your membership site.
For more information, including pricing and sandbox demonstrations, please contact us: http://www.SubscriptionDNA.com/contact/
There a couple of ways to install Subscription DNA plugin for WordPress.

First up, you can download it directly from the WordPress.org plugins directory, and install it by following these steps:

Upload the whole Subscription DNA admin directory to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress

Or, you can install it by creating the directory from the Admin section of your WordPress blog by following these steps:

Under the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress select ‘Add New’
Enter ‘Subscription DNA’ into the search box
Choose the ‘install’ option on the right hand side of the listing

Does Subscription DNA® share subscriber data?

Seriously? Your data is secured. Each Subscription DNA client owns their own account data. The subscriber’s sensitive information is encrypted and secure, while the portal is protected through SSL by password and optional CAPTCHA security code. Authenticated clients can export and download their member and reporting data at any time. Subscription DNA® will NEVER intentionally share or misuse client data.

Can Subscription DNA® allow subscribers to update their profile?

Yes. We include a ready-to-go subscriber portal where users can manage their profile, view transaction history, update their payment information, manage their subscriptions, etc. Alternatively, you can completely brand/customize a member portal in your template to transparently work with your site using advanced web services integration.

What are the key factors in how much we’ll spend on Subscription DNA®?

Currently, our intelligent monthly pricing is tiered, based primarily on number of subscribers and your average cost of service. We will also entertain percent or flat fee per transaction payment models. We may negotiate with you to find a mutually agreeable cost. We grow as you grow.

We want to keep our content on our own servers so we have more control. Is this possible?

Yes. This is a great benefit and the most common scenario. You continue to manage your content on your site. We provide various integration hooks to authenticate and track your subscribers remotely.

How simple or complex is the integration of your service? How long does it normally take?

Integration can be as simple or complex as you need it to be – meaning, as you further customize your subscriber’s experience, more programming integration time and skills may be required. A simple integration which requires basic experience can take as little as 3-5 days. More complex integration will take longer, perhaps weeks as you wish to build a complete custom interface using our flexible API. We admit we’ve have had very successful clients with large subscriber bases that have taken 3-5 months to fully integrate and test before deploying – a testament to the power of our platform.

Can a Subscription DNA® client request customizations or integration help?

Yes. We are flexible as many customization requests are fulfilled expediently. We have built numerous modules and encourage the development of third-party plugin apps to interface with our API.

Can Subscription DNA® be used for subscriber management for a print publication?

Absolutely. The real beauty of Subscription DNA® is the flexibility and modular structure. Subscription DNA is built as a platform and can be used for a variety of individual or combined uses such as data capture and reporting, software licensing, memberships, on-demand or recurring billing and more.

What is the support process if we need assistance?

The first line of support is via email. Normally you will receive reply within two hours, but more than likely near immediate if during business hours. Should you need immediate help, contact us by phone at 513-574-9800. If we do not pickup, be sure to leave your message and we’ll return your call as soon as possible.

Does Subscription DNA® include CRM tools?

Yes. Our CRM tools allow you to completely manage the customer lifecycle as well as create public or private notes and reminders for any user.

Does Subscription DNA® include email communication tools?

Yes. We provide a built-in email manager that supports HTML and Plain Text emails. You can create and reuse templates for quick communications to target subscriber groups.

What payment gateways do you support?

We support all the most popular payment gateways and can quickly tie in new gateways if necessary.

Does Subscription DNA® support VAT or Tax schemes?


How long has Subscription DNA® been in business?

Subscription DNA (formerly iSubscribe.TVTM) is a subsidiary company of successful small web development company, Atlas Design and Technology, Ltd., based in Cincinnati, Ohio. Atlas has been in business since 1997 and officially launched the iSubscribe.TV application in 2001. iSubscribe.TV was reinvented and rebranded in 2009 to Subscription DNA®.

Are you large company? How can we get the attention we may need?

With our small business approach, we are not looking for huge numbers of clients. We want to keep business simple, provide personal support, and build trust and confidence in the value of our business relationship. To run a successful subscription based website, you need the right subscription billing and membership tools and the right team. You need Subscription DNA®.

Subscription DNA® 1.0.4


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