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iQ Block Country 1.0.3

Author: Pascal
If you want to block people from certain (obscure) countries that have no business visiting your
blog and perhaps only leave spam comments or other harmful actions than this is the plugin for you

Unzip the archive and put the iq-block-country folder into your plugins folder (/wp-content/plugins/).
Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress
Go to the settings page and choose which countries you want to ban. Use the ctrl key to select
multiple countries
Check if it downloaded the GeoIP database from MaxMind otherwise follow instructions on screen.

Does this plugin also work with IPv6?

No not yet. Maxmind has a GeoIPv6 database though just no support for PHP yet.
And as my blog is also reachable on IPv6 I might incoporate this database as soon this is possible.

However: We need more IPv6 out there so please DO ask your hosting provider for IPv6!

How can I get a new version of the GeoIP database?

You can remove the file GeoIP.dat from the plugin directory and after removal go to
the settings page of this plugin. When it sees the GeoIP database is missing it will
try to download it for you.

However you can also download the GeoIP database yourself from Maxmind and overwrite
the existing database.

Maxmind updates the GeoLite database every month.

Help it gives some error about not being able to download the GeoIP database?

Follow the instructions on screen. It will probably tell you that you have to manually
download the GeoIP database from Maxmind from the following url:


It will also give you the location it expects the GeoIP.dat file. So go ahead and
download it and unzip the file to this specific location.

How come that I still see visitors from countries that I blocked in Statpress or other statistics software?

It’s true that you might see hits from countries that you have blocked in your statistics software.
That is the way it works, certain plugins may be run before iQ Block Country is run so it may log visitors to pages.
This however does not mean this plugin does not work, it just means somebody tried to access a certain page or pages
and that that fact is logged.

If you are worried this plugin does not work you could try to block your own country and afterwards visit your
frontend website and see if it actually works. Also if you have access to the logfiles of the webserver that hosts
your website you can see that these visitors are actually denied with a HTTP error 403.

iQ Block Country 1.0.3


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