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Kalendas 0.1.1

Author: Juan Sebastián Echeverry
Kalendas is a plugin that requires the data from your Google Calendar and display one or all your calendars in an event list

Install minimax.
Decompress kalendas.zip and upload /kalendas/ to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory.
Activate the plugin through the Plugins menu in WordPress
Configure Kalendas to set your time range.
Add the widget into your side bar, each with your Calendar RSS or XML descriptor.

Is this plugin bug free?

I don’t think so. So far it works with my configuration, but i didn’t test it
with other. Feedbacks would be appreciated.

It shows events outside the time range I set

Maybe your Google Calendar and your server have a diferent ‘timezone’ reference. Check this in your WordPress configuration and your Calendar settings.

It says something about minimax. What’s this?

This plugin requires minimax in order to work.

Can I set my own CSS?

Yes. Copy the file kalendas.css to your theme folder. The plugin will check for it.

Can I set my own template to show the events?

Yes. Copy the file templates/kalendas_event.tpl into your theme directory and edit it as you want.

Where can I get the feed to my calendar?

The calndar must be public for Kalendas to get it. One of the screenshots in the gallery is an infogram explaining how to set a calendar as public and where to get the XML feed.

Kalendas 0.1.1


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