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WP Greet Box 6.0.3

Author: Thaya Kareeson
This plugin lets you show a different greeting message to your new visitors
depending on their referrer url. For example, when a Digg user clicks through
from Digg, they will see a message reminding them to digg your post if they
like it. Another example, when a visitor clicks through from Twitter, they
will see a message suggesting them to twit the post and follow you on Twitter.
You can also set a default greeting message for new visitors (not matching any
referrer URLs) suggesting them to subscribe to your RSS feed. Having these
targeted suggestions will help your blog increase exposure, loyal readership,
and reader interaction. Best of all, this plugin is compatible with WPMU
and various WordPress cache plugins (so you do not have to sacrifice speed)

Upload the plugin to your plugins folder: ‘wp-content/plugins/’
Activate the ‘WP Greet Box’ plugin from the Plugins admin panel.
(optional) Go to the Options -> WP Greet Box admin panel to make
any customizations.
Test this out by googling for one of your articles and click through to your
site from google. You should see the greeting message custimized for a
google visitor.

Does this work with cache plugins?

Yes it does! Just make sure that you enable cache compatibility in WP Greet
Box advanced options and clear your cache afterwards.

Does this work with WPMU?

Yes it does (even when cache compatiblity mode is enabled)!

Can I customize where I want to place my greeting message?

Yes! You will have to disable the auto insert feature in General
Configurations. Next, copy the following code to your desired location in any
of the theme files:

The default settings are ugly! Can I change the way it looks?

Yes! You can modify the CSS entries for greeting messages in:

Can I add additional greeting messages?

Yes! You can easily do this on the WP Greet Box options page. You can even
modify preinstalled messages or delete them.

I can’t get it to work! I’m frustrated!

Please take a look at documentation available on the
plugin page
to see if any of them can help you. If not, feel free to post your issues
on the appropriate plugin support forum.
I will try my best to help you resolve any issues that you are having.

WP Greet Box 6.0.3


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