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WP-ZFF Zend Framework Full 1.10.5-1

Author: Brian Passavanti
WP-ZFF will put the Zend and ZendX libraries in the include path and will autoload the classes when they are needed. Plugin developers will not have to worry about including any files. The libraries will use the Zend autoloader so no additional including will be required for plugin developers
Note: As is the case when installing any new plugin, it’s always a good idea to backup your blog data before installing.

Download plugin, extract and upload to your plugins directory, or use the plugin installer.
Go to the Plugins tab and find WP-ZFF in the list and click Activate.
Note: Requires PHP 5.2.4 or later
Once you have activated, you will not need to worry about including any of the Zend files, just call the class you need to use (see FAQ for an example)

Where can I find documentation on how to use all the libraries in Zend Framework?

You can read the online manual at Zend Framework Programmer’s Reference Guide

How do I use this in a WordPress plugin?

There’s an example at WP-ZFF Zend Framework Full

Does this plugin include the ZendX libraries as well?


Does this plugin include the Dojo Javascript libraries as well?

No, but please give me feedback if you think you would like it for next update.

WP-ZFF Zend Framework Full 1.10.5-1


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