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Greg’s Threaded Comment Numbering 1.4

Author: Greg Mulhauser
This plugin numbers your comments sequentially and hierarchically, with full support for the new comment features available in WordPress 2.7 and later — including threading, paging, and your choice of ascending or descending date order

Unzip the plugin archive
Upload the entire folder gregs-threaded-comment-numbering to /wp-content/plugins/
Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress
Go to Settings -> Threaded Comment Numbering to configure your preferences
Update your template’s comments.php or functions.php to incorporate numbering, as described below


Please see the Instructions page of the plugin settings for usage details.

Deactivating and Uninstalling

You can deactivate Greg’s Threaded Comment Numbering plugin via the plugins administration page, and your preferences will be saved for the next time you enable it.

However, if you would like to remove the plugin completely, just disable it via the plugins administration page, then select it from the list of recently deactivated plugins and choose “Delete” from the admin menu. This will not only delete the plugin, but it will also run a special routine included with the plugin which will completely remove its preferences from the database.

Known Issues

The version of the Intense Debate plugin which is current as of this writing overrides themes’ existing comment code, rendering it incompatible with any theme or plugin designed to use the full capabilities of the new wp_list_comments introduced in WordPress 2.7. This means that regardless of what changes you make to your theme’s comment code (such as calling this plugin), those changes won’t show up while your comments are being controlled by Intense Debate.

I’ve moved this section of the README to the main information page for the plugin, where it can be updated independently of new releases.

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