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Now Reading Reloaded 5.1.3

Author: Ben Gunnink
Now Reading Reloaded is a fork/re-enlivening of Rob Miller’s original Now Reading plugin. It is forked from Rob’s code as of 4.4.4svn, in order to update its interface to work with WordPress 2.7 and above

Upload now-reading to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress
Make any changes the to provided template files and store them in your theme directory (see the “Template Files” section)

I keep getting the error “Fatal error: Call to undefined function: simplexml_load_string() […]”

Now Reading Reloaded is for WordPress 2.7 and above; users running older versions should consider the original plugin. Users running PHP4 will experience errors if trying attempting to use the latest version of this plugin; support for PHP4 was dropped during its original development.

When will you implement feature X?

New feature development is planned, but I have no clear timeline as the maintenance of this plugin is purely a hobby.

Why does my library page look funny?

Now Reading comes with premade templates (/templates/) that were originally made for the default Kubrick theme that comes with WordPress. If your theme has more or less markup, the templates may look strange in your theme.

My suggestion to those who are having trouble is to open up the respect Now Reading template (such as library.php) side-by-side with one of your standard theme templates, and make sure that the markup matches.

Now Reading Reloaded 5.1.3


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