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Speakpress 1.0.2

Authors: MOmann, niba
Speakpress is a WordPress plugin using SpeakR, a Flash Control enabling easy to use TTS functions to any german or english website.
Therefore, SpeakR queries a webservice that synthesizes text to high quality spoken audio streams

Uncompress the zip file and upload the folder ‘speakpress’ to the ‘/wp-content/plugins/’ directory.
Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress
Active the widget under the ‘Themes’ -> ‘Widget’ menu or put in your template file
Configure Speakpress under ‘Settings’ -> ‘Speakpress’
Edit a post via ‘Posts’ -> ‘Edit’. Mark a fragment of text and hit the ‘Speakpress’ button. Voila – now the fragment is TTS-enabled. (NOTE: pressing the ‘Speakpress’ button will also add a HTML input for you).
Don’t forget to register at http://speakr.avatr.net/en or send a mail with your domain-name to speakr@avatr.net

The Speakpress widget shows up fine, but nothing happens when I hit the “Play” button. Whats wrong?

There are two common mistakes:

You forgot to register your domain at http://speakr.avatr.net/en
You forgot to add speech tags to your blog.

Please make sure you did the last two steps of the installation. If something is still sort of weird: don’t hesitate, CONTACT US!

How to use?

Install Speakpress as described. Don’t forget to enable speech tags for your blog posts via ‘Settings’ -> ‘Speakpress’ or using the ‘Speakpress’ button in the WordPress editor.
Finally, request a free SpeakR account at http://speakr.avatr.net/en or request one via mail (speakr@avatr.net).

What languages are supported?

Speakpress currently supports: german and english.

Do you offer different voices?

Yes. Both german and english language come with a male and female voice.

Why register?

We need to know your domain-name to set up a proper SpeakR account. Without this activation, neighter Speakpress nor SpeakR will work.

Speakpress 1.0.2


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