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Make Tabbloid 1.0

Author: Martin Hawksey
THE END HP recently removed 3rd party access to their Tabbloid service which breaks this plugin. An entirely open source alternative which can be self-hosted, called ‘Make PDF Newspaper’ has been developed and can be downloaded here

Upload the make-tabbloid directory to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress
Go to http://www.tabbloid.com/developer and ‘agree to do no evil’ then click on ‘Make me cool’ to get an API key
Via the ‘Settings’ menu enter your Tabbloid API key and then add the RSS feed of your blog
You can then either add Make Tabbloid to your sidebar as a widget or by placing <?php do_makeTabbloid(‘linkName’,’fileName’, showThumbnail, ‘bannerTitle’); ?> in your template

The script needs write access to your Blog directory. Check out the WordPress Codex or have a look at the FAQ for help.

I get an fopen error and / or permission denied

If you get permission errors make sure that the script has writing rights in your blog directory. Try to creating a file with your chosen pdf filename (e.g. mytabbloid.pdf) manually, upload it with a ftp program and set the rights to 777 with CHMOD. A good tutorial for changing file permissions can be found on the WordPress Codex.

Why is my PDF file blank

Either Tabbloid is struggling with your RSS feed or your feed is making its way to the front of the queue to be tabloided. Try going to http://www.tabbloid.com, adding your feed url and clicking ‘Generate sample issue now’. If it doesn’t generate a PDF either wait an hour and try again or drop a line to the techies at Tabbloid.

Why doesn’t the thumbnail appear?

The thumbnail is generated by http://view.samurajdata.se/ so there may by a problem with the 3rd party site. Images are also cached for 3 days so changes may take this long to filter through.

Make Tabbloid 1.0


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