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My Record Collection 0.9.1

Author: Arvid Sollenby
My Record Collection (MRC) is a plugin for WordPress that lets you display your recordcollection on Discogs.com in your blog. To use it you simply export your collection on Discogs to a XML-file and imports it in the MRC plugin

Upload the my-record-collection-directory to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
Activate the plugin through the Plugins menu in WordPress
Follow the steps under settings to import the data.
Create a new WordPress Page, name it whatever you like
Include the following code in HTML mode <!–MyRecordCollection–>

Where do i export my collection on discogs?

When you’re logged in to discogs you have a Export My Data link under My Discogs. You can also use this link to reach the page. Remember to export your collection as XML.

If i add a new record to my collection on discogs, will it automaticly be included in my blog?

Unfortunately not, the Discogs API does not have any functinality to handle collections at this moment. It’s said to be included in the next API-update. When the API is updated i’ll include a live update function to the plugin.

How can i translate MRC to my language?

In the /i18n/ directory you can find my-record-collection.pot translate this file with Poedit (or another gettext editor) and upload the file to the same direcotory. Please email me a copy of our translation to and i will include it in the next update of MRC.

My Record Collection 0.9.1


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