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Social Media E-Mail Alerts 1.0.0

Author: marios-alexandrou
Have you ever noticed that your site was submitted to social media sites, but only days after the submission? Ever wished you had known about the submission so you take measures to increase the visibility of the submission

Upload the social-media-email-alerts folder to the ‘/wp-content/plugins/’ directory.
Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress.
Set up the rules for triggering an alert on the admin page. Rules can be based on referring domain e.g. Digg.com or by parameters in the querystring e.g. source=twitter.com.

Example 1:

These settings will send an e-mail if your site receives 5 visitor from Digg.com to any one page on your site within a 60 minute window.

Value to Match: digg.com
Min. Visits: 5
Reset (minutes): 60

Example 2:

These settings will send an e-mail if your site recives 10 visits to any one page, within a 2 hour window, and the querystring includes source=twitter.com. In this case, the referring site doesn’t matter.

Value to Match: source=twitter.com
Min. Visits: 10
Reset (minutes): 120

Where is data stored?

A table, wp_social_media_email_alerts, is created (the wp_ prefix may actually vary based on your configuration). This table stores the visits that match the rules you specified. The records in this table are deleted once they no longer match a rule or have expired so the table shouldn’t get too large.

Does this plugin work with caching plugins?

Yes. Simply specify on the admin page that you are using WP-Cache or WP Super Cache. Should work with other caching plugins too.

Does this alert system work only for social media sites?

No. You can specify any referral domain of your choosing. Social media sites are simply what prompted the creation of this plugin.

Social Media E-Mail Alerts 1.0.0


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