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FormSpring.me Question Widget 0.3

Author: Noah Coffey
Easily allows you to place a FormSpring.me question box on your sidebar and a shortcode to display your recently answered questions on any page or post

Upload fsmWidget.php to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress
Add the new Widget to your sidebar on the Widgets menu
(Optional) Add the [formspring username=”my-username-goes-here”] shortcode to any page or post.

How do I create a FormSpring.me account?

You can create a free FormSpring.me account by visiting http://www.formspring.me

What is the “username” field?

This is your FormSpring.me username.

What are the options for the shortcode?

The default shortcode you need to enter is:

[formspring username=”my-username-goes-here”]

To control the number of questions displayed:

[formspring username=”my-username-goes-here” questions=”5″]

To display an “Ask me anything” box at the top of the page:

[formspring username=”my-username-goes-here” ask=”yes”]

How can I customize the way my questions page looks?

The stylesheet that controls the question page is located in the plugin folder (fsmWidget.css). There is also an image in the images/ folder inside the plugin folder.

FormSpring.me Question Widget 0.3


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