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Quotes Collection 1.3.8

Author: Srini G
Quotes Collection plugin with Ajax powered Random Quote sidebar widget helps you collect, manage and display your favourite quotations on your WordPress blog. All quotes or a set of quotes can also be displayed on a page using a [quote] tag

Unzip and upload the quotes-collection directory to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
Go to WP Admin » Plugins and activate the ‘Quotes Collection’ plugin
To add and manage the quotes go to WP Admin » Tools » Quotes Collection
To display a random quote in the sidebar, go to WP Admin » Appearance » Widgets, drag ‘Random Quote’ widget into the sidebar

How to get rid of the quotation marks that surround the random quote?

Open the quotes-collection.css file that comes along with the plugin, scroll down and look towards the bottom.

The ‘Next quote »’ link is not working. Why?

You have to check a couple of things,

Make sure your theme’s header.php file has the code <?php wp_head(); ?> just before </head>.
Make sure the plugin files are uploaded in the correct location. The files should be uploaded in a location as follows

|– plugins/
|– quotes-collection/
|– quotes-collection.php
|– quotes-collection.js
|– quotes-collection.css
|– quotes-collection-ajax.php

If you still experience the problem even after the above conditions are met, contact the plugin author.

How to hide the ‘Next quote »’ link?

You can do this by turning off the ‘Ajax Refresh feature’ in widget options.

What are the parameters that can be passed on to `quotescollection_quote()` template function?

Please refer other notes

How about a feature to backup/export/import the bulk of quotes in CSV/text format?

Such a feature will be available in a future version of the plugin, though no promises can be made as to when it will be available!

How to change the admin access level setting for the quotes collection admin page?

Change the value of the variable $quotescollection_admin_userlevel on line 16 of the quotes-collection.php file. Refer WordPress documentation for more information about user roles and capabilities.

I have a long list of quotes, and `[quote|all]` puts all of the quotes in a single page. Is there a way to introduce pagination and break the long list of quotes into different pages?

Inbuilt pagination support may be introduced in a future version. As of now, you can separate different set of quotes based on author name [quote|author=] or tags [quote|tags=] and introduce a <!–nextpage–> in between.

Quotes Collection 1.3.8


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