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Author: Juan Sebastián Echeverry
Sometimes an RSS feed has a low bandwidth and during the page creation WordPress has to wait after those RSS feeds had been downloaded. This plugin allows the site to read the RSS after the page was created, not during the process

Install minimax.
Decompress lexi.zip and upload /lexi/ to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory.
Activate the plugin through the Plugins menu in WordPress
Add the Lexi widget into your side bar, or add [lexi] into your posts, or use lexi() into your templates.
Use Tools > Lexi to add, modify or delete your RSS feeds list.

Other RSS reader! How do you dare?

My page (I don’t know if yours too) use to get blocked reading some RSS feeds. I created Lexi to read the RSS after the page was created, not during the process.

Lexi shows strange characters with some feeds

Lexi encodes the feed list in UTF-8. If your site uses another character encoding you can change wp-content/plugins/lexi/lexi.php, but I suggest you to use UTF-8.

If your site is in UTF-8, uses WP 2.7.x or an older release, and the problem persists, install SimplePieCore Plugin.

It says something about minimax. What’s this?

This plugin requires minimax in order to work.

Can I set my own CSS?

Yes. Copy the file lexi.css to your theme folder. The plugin will check for it.

Lexi can’t reed the xyz feed

First, use the simplepie validator to check the feed. If you get an error it means the problem is in the library. To solve this situation, use a Mashup engine like Yahoo Pipes to create a new RSS feed from the original data.

If the validator returns the feed data, maybe the library in your WP is older than the one in the validator. Use the RSS widget (the one from WordPress) with the feed to check if the library can read it. If it works, is time to write a comment in my personal page with the RSS feed on it. Else, use a mashup engine as described in the first step.

Also, it happens with some feeds the first time they are readed, but ten minutes later they work.



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