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Cf Shopping Cart 0.2.9

Author: AI.Takeuchi
Cf Shopping Cart is simple shopping cart plugin.
This plugin work together such as Custom Field and more plugins.
Thereby website can have flexible design

Install more plugins and activate. Exec-PHP, Contact Form 7, Custom Field Template and QF-GetThumb(optional).
Upload the entire ‘cf-shopping-cart’ folder to the ‘/wp-content/plugins/’ directory.
Install extended module for Contact Form 7 plugin. Copy ‘cfshoppingcart.php’ file from ‘/wp-content/plugins/cf-shopping-cart/contact-form-7-module/’ to ‘/wp-content/plugins/contact-form-7/module/’.
Activate Cf Shopping Cart 2 plugins. If use Shipping then copy ‘shipping.php’ file from ‘/wp-content/plugins/cf-shopping-cart/extention/’ to ‘/wp-content/cfshoppingcart/’, and edit it file.
Be place Cf Shopping Cart widget to sidebar.
Visit settings Contact Form 7, Add new contact form.
Add code into the Form: ‘[cfshoppingcart* cartdata class:cfshoppingcart7]’.
Add code into the Message body: ‘[cartdata]’.
Add code into Additional Settings: ‘on_sent_ok: “cfshoppingcart_empty_cart();”‘.
Add new page (example ‘Send order’), add code into the article: ‘

‘. remember this page url.
Add new page (example ‘Shopping Cart’) and put in ‘[cfshoppingcart_cart 1]’ to article. remember this page url.
Add new category example ‘commodity’.
Setting Custom Field Template, add new template. Field name example: ‘Product ID’, ‘Name’ and ‘Price’… remember field names.
Settings Cf Shopping Cart.
If choice manually at 10th step then edit theme file (archive.php, single.php and more). Insert php code ” into the loop of output-article.
Make commodity pages. Add new page/post, input Custom Field, write article and set category.
Repeat 12th step.

Cf Shopping Cart 0.2.9


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