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WyPiekacz 2.1

Author: Daniel Frużyński
This plugin checks if posts submitted for review and posted satisfies set of rules

Upload wypiekacz directory to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress
Configure and enjoy 🙂

How to use Forbidden Word List and Allowed Word List?

WyPiekacz first checks if every word from Forbidden Word List is in text. This check is very simple, so forbidden word fly will be matched to butterfly word too. In order to avoid this, you should put allowed words on Allowed Word List. WyPiekacz uses the same simple matching method, so you do not have to enter whole words (this is especially useful if your language allows to decline words in many ways). Please make sure only that forbidden words are always contained in words on Allowed Word List (in other words, entering butterf will not work – you have to enter butterfly).

Why this plugin is called “WyPiekacz”?

You may heard about Presell Pages – content pages placed on other sites, with link(s) leading to your site(s). In Poland this idea evolved into separate sites (WordPress is the preferred script), where everyone can post his or her post with links. Of course there are different Presell Pages – some of them accepts every post and are just full of junk, but there are also ones where posts are thoroughly moderated before publishing. WyPiekacz plugin greatly simplifies moderation tasks for the latter ones.

“Presell Page” is not the only name used to call them – another popular name is just “Presell”, or similarly pronounced Polish word “Precel” (eng. pretzel). This last name is also a source of other derived names for some tools – they have names referring to pretzels or baking. “WyPiekacz” also follows this convention – it means “baker” – i.e. “tool used for baking”.

WyPiekacz 2.1

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