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gdgt gadget list widget 1.0.2

Author: Mark Rebec
Show off your gadgets! This widget displays your gdgt Have, Want, and Had lists. For more, visit http://gdgt.com/widgets/
Obviously, you’ll want to start by installing and activating the widget!


Drag the widget into your sidebar.
Enter your gdgt username (if you don’t have one, sign up here: http://gdgt.com/register/ ).
Specify the size of your widget.
That’s it!


If you’d like to add the widget directly to your template, call the widget using the <?php gdgt_gadget_list_widget(‘USERNAME’, array(‘OPTION’=>VALUE)); ?> template tag. The username is required, while options are an optional array allowing you to control the following:

width (number of pixels, default 300, minimum 180, maximum 500)
height (number of pixels, default 265, minimum 200, maximum 500)
showcount (toggles display of list counts, true or false, default true)

Example: <?php gdgt_gadget_list_widget(‘ryan’, array(‘width’=>300, ‘height’=>350, ‘showcount’=>true)); ?>

Is there a minimum and maximum size for the widget?

Yes. The widget can scale between 180-500 pixels wide, and 200-500 pixels tall.

The list count is set to yes, why isn’t it showing?

If you’ve set the width to lower than 200 pixels, the widget’s list count is disabled.

gdgt gadget list widget 1.0.2


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