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Welcome Announcement 1.0.5

Author: JMbamba
What it does

This plugin displays a welcome announcement when a visitor enters your blog. The announcement is shown over a transparent veil with an appearance effect, displayed for the defined duration and then taken offscreen with a disappearance effect. The plugin supports announcement in flash format (swf) and standard HTML announcement
Installation and Configuration

Installation is very easy.

Download the package here:
Unzip it
Upload the folder to your WordPress site in the plugins folder: /wp-content/plugins
Log in to your WordPress admin page, go to the plugins menu and activate welcome.
That’s it , you have a functional welcome announcement.
You can open you WordPress blog to see how the default animation looks.

If you are updating from an earlier version, follow steps 1, and 2 above. Then
– replace the previous files with the new ones
– Log in to your admin panel,
– Deactivate the plugin
– Activate the plugin
– That’s it for the update!

Configuration: To configure the welcome announcement, log in your WordPress administration panel and under the theme menu group, locate the link ‘Welcome announcement’ and click it. This opens the welcome announcement options page. Just go through the section and make your changes.

Nota: it is recommended to test the appearance of your announcement by opening your blog page. After you make modification to the plugin options, modify the cookie name to view yourself the changes.


I have tested it on many WordPress 2.8.5 installations, under various themes, under Internet Explorer and Firefox.

Normally, there shouldn’t be any problem. If there is, make sure your theme calls the functions wp_head and wp_footer. A good theme should call them. Isn’t it?!

Welcome Announcement 1.0.5


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