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Simple Video Embedder 2.0

Author: James Lao
Easily embed video within your posts. Adds a widget to the posting screen that enables you to post videos by simply providing the URL to the video hosted on common video sharing websites

Upload the plugin files to your wp-plugins/ folder.
Go the plugin management page and activate the plugin.
Make the appropriate changes to your theme to show the videos (details below).
Go to Settings > Video Options to configure default values.

The Simple Video Embedder plugin also works with self hosted FLV (Flash) or MP4 (Quicktime) videos. If you wish to use the Simple Video embedder with FLV or MP4 video, follow the instructions below:

Download the JW FLV Media Player found at the LongTail Video website and extract the files it contains. There should be a file called swfobject.js and player.swf.
Using an FTP client to access your host web server, upload all extracted files and their containing folder to the wp-content folder of WordPress.
In the WordPress admin, go to Settings > Video Options and set “JW Player files location” to the absolute web path of the folder you just uploaded. For example, /wp-content/mediaplayer/.

In order to show the videos, the p75GetVideo() function needs to be inserted somewhere in the loop of your theme. The function has the following prototype:

string p75GetVideo(int $post_id)

This function returns the embed code of the video for the post with ID $post_id. Note that it does not print out the embed code but returns it as a string that you must echo. There is also a function that checks whether there is a video for some post.

bool p75HasVideo(int $post_id)

This function returns true if the post with ID $post_id has a video and false otherwise. I suggest you use p75HasVideo() to check for a video, and only get the video with p75GetVideo() if it returns true.

Something similar to this should go in the main loop of your theme:

if ( p75HasVideo($post->ID) ) {
echo p75GetVideo($post->ID);

How do I post a video?

Go to the posting screen and add the URL of the video.

What about sites that are not supported?

Just paste the embed code into the embed code form.

How can I make YouTube videos autoplay?

Append “&autoplay=1” to your video URL.

Simple Video Embedder 2.0


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