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PersonalTube Video Widget 2.0

Author: PersonalTube
The PersonalTube Video Widget lets you display the latest Internet videos that precisely match the topic and theme of your blog,
and attract longer, more frequent visits from your audience
Below are the step-by-step instructions to install the widget on your blog sidebar and configure it:

Extract the PersonalTube plugin zip file and drop the contents in the wp-content/plugins/ directory of your WordPress installation.
Alternately you can add the zip file directly by selecting the “Upload” tab under “Add New” section under the Plugins menu.
Activate the plugin from the Plugins menu of your WordPress account. Now it will be available as a sidebar widget.
Add the widget to your blog sidebar, using the Appearance -> Widgets menu in your WordPress account.
Now you must configure the widget with a configuration string from PersonalTube.
This requires you to sign up for a PersonalTube account.
After signing up, login to your PersonalTube account dashboard and follow the steps below:
Personalize the widget video content, appearance and branding, following the instructions on your PersonalTube dashboard.
Using the “Basic Setting ” menu option in your PersonalTube dashboard, specify whether you want to search for videos on the dashboard, add them to the widget yourself [using point and click], enable AutoRefresh for automatic refreshing, or AutoAlert + Approval for automatic notification of new matching videos.
Using the “Personalize Video Content” menu option, search, explore and select videos for your widget.
You must add at least one video to the widget, or save search criteria with at least one video topic or keyword that describe the videos that PersonalTube must search for and display on your widget.
Using the “Personalize Appearance” menu option, configure the widget size to fit correctly in your blog sidebar. Then select the colors, borders and caption of the widget. Finally select the layout of the video playback display, and optionally add your blog logo image and blog backlink URLs to establish your branding the video playback display.
Once you are satisfied with your personalization, select the “Install Widget” option on the left column of your PersonalTube account page.
Select the “WordPress.org Blog Sidebar” option in the middle column.
Now register your blog URL by following the instructions under “Register Web Page URLs” section you see below.
Copy the WordPress Configuration String from the “WordPress Configuration String.” section into your clipboard.
Go to your widget sidebar in the Appearance -> Widgets page of your WordPress account, and locate the PersonalTube widget that you added.
Click the down-arrow on the top right corner of the title bar of the widget. You will see a form with a text entry box titled “Configuration String.”
Paste the WordPress Configuration String from your clipboard into the “Configuration String” text entry box.
Be sure to click “Save” to save your changes.
Now you can visit your WordPress blog page to see the PersonalTube video widget in action.
If you wish to make changes to your widget video content, colors or appearance, you can login in to your PersonalTube blog again,
make your desired changes save them, and view your blog page again. The results will appear on your live widget right away. No coding required.

PersonalTube Video Widget 2.0


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