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CSS-JS-Booster 0.3.0

Author: Christian "Schepp" Schaefer
CSS-JS-Booster is a PHP-script that tries to automate as many performance
optimizing steps related to CSS and JS embedding as possible.
Depending on the amount of CSS, CSS-images and JS, this can significantly
increase loading speed of your site
CSS-JS-Booster absolutely requires PHP 5. No PHP 4, sorry…
Version-wise it is tested up until PHP 5.3.

Copy the whole css-js-booster-folder into wp-content/plugins/
If not already there: create a subfolder named uploads inside wp-content/ and CHMOD it to 0777 (give it write-permissions)
Go into the admin-panel to the plugins and activate CSS-JS-Booster
Check if the contents of the file wp-content/plugins/css-js-booster/htaccess/.htaccess were put into/appended to the .htaccess-file in the root of your WordPress-site. If not append them by hand.

Compatibility with other plugins

CSS-JS-Booster may in rare cases break some other plugins.
I noticed for example that plugins trying to calculate file-paths based on the src-attribute of the script-tag break.
So you need to check yourself.

If your site has many visitors, we suggest that you combine CSS-JS-Booster with WP-Super-Cache.

CSS-JS-Booster 0.3.0


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