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Author: David Aubin
This plugin will extend Buddypress to have an Ajax Chat client that works with Buddypress groups,
as well as all WordPress users. As of version 1.2.6 Buddypress Ajax Chat works with both
Wordpress MU and WordPress Single User
New Install or Upgrade

Just install from wordpress/wordpress mu or you can download to /wp-content/plugins
as /wp-content/plugins/buddypress-ajax-chat/…
Last step
A. log in as admin to wordpress/wordpress mu
B. go to the plugins section to activate Buddypress Ajax Chat (bp-chat)
C. Click on Activate Buddypress Chat sitewide for the bp-chat plugin
D. Click on the Dashboard link to make sure the plugin is activated


Add your own theme configuration.
A. Default comes with a facebookish color scheme.
i. Just copy the themes/facebookish/buddypress-ajax-chat directory to your child theme


B. Or make your own css file called buddypress-ajax-chat/_inc/buddypress-ajax-chat.css


Configure site wide chat options:
A. Log in as admin
B. Click on Buddypress Dashboard
C. Click on Chat Settings

Happy Chatting:)

I’m stuck. Where can I get help?

Buddypress Ajax Chat Support Group Forum
Here, there is a group wire AND forum. I or someone trolling the forum will help you:) If it’s urgent then
friend me and let me know you need help. I’m happy to help:)

I get a can’t install error.

Chmod 777 bp-chat/config directory. The plugin makes two files to be referenced later. If you can’t
write to this directory then the plugin won’t work.

I’m not techincal can you install it for me?

Yes, we can install it for you. Check out this link for more info:
Provide install support for a flat fee on Flat rate install

What if I want to remove the adsense code?

Please donate $5 to us and we’ll happily contact you for the domain name it is on to remove the ads.
Just go here: Buddypress Ajax Chat No Adsense

I have a site that has questionable content can I install the free version?

No, we can’t allow Ads on sites that have questionable material. Please
donate to us and provide the domain name and we’ll filter out ads on our end.
Just go here: Buddypress Ajax Chat No Adsense

I want my own adsense code in there. Can you install it for me?

Yes, for a small fee we can bundle up the code for you and email it to you.
Provide own adsense code Send me a version with my adsense code

Special Credit

Special thanks to Tom Granger for helping educate me on how to get multilingual support
as well as bug fixes. Thanks Tom:)

Special thanks to Daniele Argiolas for providing the Italian language files:)

I made the ES langauge files so bare with me as it has been many years since anyone has
spoken Spanish with me. Que lastima…



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