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CFB_D1AA Team Stats 0.8

Author: A93D
CFB D1AA Team Stats plugin can be added to any blog with a dynamic sidebar. Once installed, the blogger can choose their favorite CFB D1AA Team
and the type of display they want (compact or large). The stats are updated each week of the CFB D1AA regular season, so that blog
visitors can keep track of all the important CFB D1AA team standings and stats. Additionally, teams qualifying for post-season play are denoted automatically
in each stats table with the the standard CFB D1AA *, x,y or z symbols
This section describes how to install the plugin and get it working.

Upload cfb-D1AA-team-stats fodler to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress
The Plugin will automatically install a new table on your database to store your team and display size selections.
Go to your Design section and select the CFB_D1AA Stats widget.
Place the widget where you would like it to appear in your sidebar.

Can I remove the advertising links?

No, this is how we pay the bills and keep the server up. Please do not alter the links or link information in your database. If you would like to
manually change links, please contact the plugin author for assitance.

Will new features be added?

Yes, we will make changes to the diplay from time to time. These changes will appear automatically on your blog.

Why is there so much “inline” CSS displayed in my CFB_D1AA Stats table?

We decided to use inline CSS to display the stats table, in order to comply with W3C markup standards as much as possible. The only other alternative
would be to embed a new stylesheet, however this does not meet W3C standards. Any other ideas from users are welcome!

My sidebar (or part of my sidebar) disappeared after I installed this plugin, what happened?

This problem arises from the coding of your WP template. In some cases, the PHP code that calls the blog’s sidebar and sidebar objects
is placed in the wrong spot on the page. In order to remedy this, visit the following link: http://cutline.tubetorial.com/forums/showthread.php?t=8596 . The fix
takes 5 minutes or less to complete.

Where can I use this Plugin?

There are no restrictions on where this plugin can be used, as long as it is posted in such a way that does not violate any prevailing law in blogger’s jurisdiction.
Some people like to post on sports blogs, personal blogs, or sports betting style websites. Websites in foreign languages are fine, too!

What about gaming & sports pages?

No problem, feel free to use this plugin on sites that offer legal information about sports gaming, such as NBA betting blogs. In general, your
site must be informative in nature and not accept actual financial wagers. Therefore, gaming affiliates are welcome to use this plugin.

What constitutes inappropriate content?

This plugin is free to use ALMOST anywhere. We would prefer that the plugin be used on personal blogs, business blogs, sports blogs, and the like. Use of this plugin
on any websites that incite hate, prejudice, violence, terrorism, or any sort intolerance for diversity is discouraged. Can I post on an online casinos
website? Sure. Can I post on an adult website? Sure – Keep it legal. Can I post on my school’s webserver or company webserver? Sure, but check with the appropriate IT people first.

CFB_D1AA Team Stats 0.8


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