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CGM Event Calendar

Author: Ryan Farrell
Add an event calendar to your website! Great for fitness centers, community centers, organizations of any size. Create event categories for easy sorting
Download, Upgrading, Installation:


Unzip the cgm_calendar.zip file.
Upload the the cgm_calendar folder (not just the files in it!) to your wp-contents/plugins folder. If you’re using FTP, use ‘binary’ mode.


In your WordPress administration, go to the Plugins page
Activate the CGM Calendar plugin and a subpage for CGM Calendar will appear
in your Settings menu and also as its own menu.


There are three ways to show the calendar on your site.

Go to Settings -> CGM Calendar and change the settings to what to you. Set the page name to the url you want to display the calendar and visit http://www.yoursiteurl.com/pagename and it will appear. No page or post creation required
Add the short code [cgm-event-calendar] to your page or post content you wish to display the calendar
Use the php function call to display the calendar where you wish.

If you wish, you can override the default css and print view template by copying the files, css/calendar.css and print_view.php to the base of your template directory.


Make sure your time zone is set correctly under Settings -> General or the calendar will be effected

If you find any bugs or have any ideas, please mail me. ryan at creativegraymatter dot com

CGM Event Calendar


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