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NetBlog 1.1

Author: Benjamin Sommer
Netblog is a tool that structures and connects dozens of posts within a Weblog. Its purpose is especially for larger Weblogs to
enhance the navigation between posts and, as of version 1.1, even to an unlimited number of external resources like foreign
websites, pdf-files etc. This plug-in uses AJAX to add links immediately to the post currently being edited, without reloading
the edit page. Netblog features two widgets for WordPress, named ‘References’ and ‘Further Reading’ by default with a couple of
options how to display the links for the visitors. It uses websearch apis to look for resources in the WWW. Incoming links can be displayed
dynamically via Google Blogsearch or a different user-defined provider (in XML RSS 2.0 format). It is ideal to publish current
academic work of a workgroup, to create a knowledge-based website to refer to additional interesting websites, to link to documents in the internet,
or just to connect content-related posts

Upload the latest stable version of Netblog.
Extract the archive to your WordPress Plugins directory /wp-content/plugins/
Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress. (DO NOT use Network Activate at the moment)

I got the message ‘Cannot add link’ while trying to add a link

Deactivate and then activate the plugin.
The Reason: The database tables are not installed properly. This happens as of WordPress 3.0 with MU enabled,
when activating the plugin networkwide (link: ‘Network Activate’), because WordPress 3.0 does not run this feature properly at the moment.

How to add an external link?

Go to Edit Post and look for the box Further Reading. Type in the field below (Search for resources) a certain keyword, like www or
like http://, and then type for search query. A list of close matches should appear below.

How can I remove a link?

Go to Edit Post and in the box Further Reading, click on the X-icon on the left side of every link. The link disappears
apon successful removal.

The website does not show the section `Further Reading`!

Go to Widgets and drag the widget Further Reading into one of the widget areas. If done so and no links will show up, the maximum number of
visible links must not be zero and at least Links to this Website or Links to the WWW must be checked.

There are no (dynamic) incoming links of the Google Blogsearch!

Your webpage might be new or not quite popular, so that Google Blogsearch has not yet found a foreign website linking to your current webpage.
Building an index usually takes a bit of time for Google. Don’t stop editing and posting.

NetBlog 1.1


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