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papercite 0.2.2

Author: Benjamin Piwowarski
If you need to maintain a bibliography in bibtex format and also write a Web page to publish the list of your publications, then papercite is the right solution for you

download the zip file and extract the content of the zip file into a local folder
local bibtex files should be copied in papercite/data/ directory
upload the folder papercite into your wp-content/plugins/ directory
log in the wordpress administration page and access the Plugins menu
activate papercite

How can I edit my bibtex files?

If your file is local to the blog installation, you have two options:
– via FTP client with text editor
– via WordPress Admin interface: Manage->Files->Other Files
— use wp-content/plugins/papercite/data/mybibfile.bib as a path

Alternatively, you can maintain your updated biblilography by using systems such as citeulike.org and bibsonomy.org;
specify the bib file using as a URL (e.g., in citeulike, you should use http://www.citeulike.org/bibtex/user/username)

How are the entries sorted?

Since version 0.1, the entries are sorted by year starting from the most
recent; in future revision, I plan to make this configurable by the user

How can I personlize the HTML rendering?

The HTML rendering is isolated in a template file called bibentry-html.tpl.
Just change it.

papercite 0.2.2


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