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Relevanssi 1.9

Author: Mikko Saari
Relevanssi replaces the basic WordPress search with a partial-match search that sorts the results
based on relevance. It is a partial match search, so if user inputs several search terms, the
search will find all documents that match even one term, ranking highest those documents that match
all search terms

Extract all files from the ZIP file, and then upload the plugin’s folder to /wp-content/plugins/.
If your blog is in English, skip to the next step. If your blog is in other language, rename the file stopwords in the plugin directory as something else or remove it. If there is stopwords.yourlanguage, rename it to stopwords.
Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress.
Go to the plugin settings and build the index following the instructions there.

To update your installation, simply overwrite the old files with the new, activate the new
version and if the new version has changes in the indexing, rebuild the index.

If you want to use the custom search results, make sure your search results template uses
the_excerpt() to display the entries, because the plugin creates the custom snippet by replacing
the post excerpt.

If you’re using a plugin that affects excerpts (like Advanced Excerpt), you may run into some
problems. For those cases, I’ve included the function relevanssi_the_excerpt(), which you can
use instead of the_excerpt(). It prints out the excerpt, but doesn’t apply wp_trim_excerpt()
filters (it does apply the_content(), the_excerpt(), and get_the_excerpt() filters).

To avoid trouble, use the function like this:

<?php if (function_exists(‘relevanssi_the_excerpt’)) { relevanssi_the_excerpt(); }; ?>

To uninstall the plugin, first click the “Remove plugin data” button on the plugin settins page
to remove options and database tables, then remove the plugin using the normal WordPress
plugin management tools.

What is tf * idf weighing?

It’s the basic weighing scheme used in information retrieval. Tf stands for term frequency
while idf is inverted document frequency. Term frequency is simply the number of times the term
appears in a document, while document frequency is the number of documents in the database where
the term appears.

Thus, the weight of the word for a document increases the more often it appears in the document and
the less often it appears in other documents.

What are stop words?

Each document database is full of useless words. All the little words that appear in just about
every document are completely useless for information retrieval purposes. Basically, their
inverted document frequency is really low, so they never have much power in matching. Also,
removing those words helps to make the index smaller and searching faster.

Relevanssi 1.9


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