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GD Press Tools 2.5.3

Author: Milan Petrovic
GD Press Tools is a collection of various administration, seo, maintenance, backup and security related tools. This tools can be integrated into the various WordPress admin panels, can perform maintenance operations, change some aspects of WordPress, see detailed server settings and information. Plugin can also track posts and pages views for various popularity lists. Some of the features don’t work with every version of the WordPress. If you have some suggestion about potential features for this plugin, please leave a message

PHP: 4.4.x or 5.x.x
mySQL: 4.0, 4.1 or 5.x
WordPress: 2.7 or newer

Basic Installation

Plugin folder in the WordPress plugins folder must be gd-press-tools
Upload folder gd-press-tools to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress

Advanced Installation

if you don’t change location of wp-content folder, then you don’t need to make any more changes.
if your wp-content folder is moved out of default WordPress location, then you must edit plugins config.php file and set value with exact location of wp-load.php file for global constant PRESSTOOLS_WPLOAD in line 11.

Does plugin works with WPMU and WordPress MultiSite installations?

Lite version has only partial support for the multi site installations. Allowing access to plugins Database options is not reccomended for individual blogs, and SiteAdmin should disable this on the plugins General Settings tab. If you need full support for Multisite installations, upgrade plugin to PRO version: http://dv4p.com/gdpt.

I need support for using this plugin and some of it’s features?

Lite version is regularly maintained, but it doesn’t include any kind of support beyond bug fixing. If you need support, upgrade plugin to PRO edition and get much more additional features.

I want to translate the plugin to my language, or to improve existing translations?

You only need POEdit program that works on Windows, Linux and MacOS. Instructions on how to make or update translations are here: http://dv4p.com/wa.

GD Press Tools 2.5.3


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