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BackWPup 1.1.0

Author: Daniel Hüsken
Backup and more your Blog

Download BackWPup Plugin.
Decompress and upload the contents of the archive into /wp-content/plugins/.
Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress


PHP 5.0.0
WordPress 2.8
curl (for Amazon S3 Support)
gzip (for PCLZIP and gzip archives)
bzip2 (for bzip2 archives)

Where is the Database dump File

in the root folder of the Archive. DBName.sql

Where is the WordPress Export File

in the root folder of the Archive. wordpress.jjjj-mm-dd.xml

Zip File Support

Plugin use PCLZIP lib if not php uses zip extension

Mantinance Mode

Supported Plugins
* maintenance-mode
* wp-maintenance-mode
* WordPress .mantinance file

if your blog do not come back from Mantinace Mode switsh back from Mantinace Mode by changing the Plugin options or delete the .mantinance file in blog root folder.

Retore a Blog DataBase

Copy the DBName.sql in the root folder of the blog and go to the tools tab in the plugin.
You kann use PHPMyAdmin also.

Abnormal Script aborts

Webserver normaly abort Scrips that works longer then 300s.
PHP normaly abort Script that works langen then 30s but the plugin try too switch off the arbotion.

Memory usage

The Plugin is coded to use low memory
The Plugin will try to increase Memory automaticly if needed
PCLZIP lib need 8MB free Memeory for ziping
Mail a archive need many Memory

Mail achives

I have build in many options to Optimize the Mailing but the mailing lib uses high Memory.
Pleace mail only littele archives

BackWPup 1.1.0


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