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Meteor Slides 1.2

Author: Josh Leuze
This plugin makes it simple to manage a slideshow with WordPress by adding a custom post type for slides. The slideshow is powered by jQuery Cycle and has over twenty transition styles to choose from

Upload the meteor-slides folder to your /wp-content/plugins/ directory.
Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress
Use <?php if(function_exists(‘meteor_slideshow’)) { meteor_slideshow(); } ?> to add this slideshow to your theme, use [meteor_slideshow] to add it to your Post or Page content, or use the Meteor Slides Widget to add it to a sidebar.

Before adding any slides, go to the Meteor Slides Settings page and set the slide height and width so that those slides are cropped to the correct size.

Meteor Slides Screencast

This short screencast explains how to set up Meteor Slides, create new slides, and add the slideshow to your site using the shortcode or template tag.

Please post any questions or problems in the WordPress.org support forums.

I add a slide, save or publish it, and then it’s missing or not found, what gives?

Every post needs a title, make sure to give your slide a title where is says “Enter title here”. This title is mostly used just to label them in the backend, but it will also be used as the title of your link if you add a link.

I added an image to my post, why isn’t it showing up in the slide?

Make sure to click “Use as featured image” after uploading your image. If the image is added correctly to the slide, you could see a thumbnail of that image in the Slide Image metabox.

Why is the slideshow covering up my dropdown menus?

The z-index on the slideshow is higher than the dropdowns, causing them to be layered below the slides. Lower the z-index of #meteor-slideshow until the dropdowns are above the slideshow.

How do I customize the slideshow’s CSS stylesheet?

Copy meteor-slides.css from /meteor-slides/css/ to your theme’s directory to replace the default stylesheet.

Please post any questions or problems in the WordPress.org support forums.

Meteor Slides 1.2


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