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Grou Random Image Widget 1.13

Author: Grou
Grou Random Image plug-in allow you to add a widget to your WordPress site that display random Images from a specific folder on your server. It also allow viewer to cycle through images without reloading the full page

Unzip to plugin folder
Enable plugin in admin-panel
Drop widget in widget configuration panel
Configure local folder in widget options
Download pictures in folder (ftp)
Drop an email if you like/dislike the plugin

For every picture file, you can make an additional text file (same filename+”.txt”) containig a description or caption that will be displayed as tooltip over the image.
(NEW) In the same file you can also add an URL to use when you click on the image(choose the “Link to : Url in description file” in the widget configuration).
To do so, use the ‘|’ to separate the description and the URL.
For example:
Photo of my son |http://grou29.free.fr

If you are using an additional plugin like FancyBox, this description will be displayed under the image.


Options are:

Image Path: Files server path from the Webserver root directory.

Simple: just display a random image
Navigation: give next/previous navigation button
Random: a random button allow user to load a new random image

Max. image width: Maximum width of thumbnail
Max. image height:Maximum height of thumbnail
Fixe size: Should widget size (height) will be fixe or should it adapt to thumbnail image size
Picture aspect: Draw Photographic picture
Frame Size: If Picture aspect is selected, size of the white frame around image
Rotate angle: If Picture aspect is selected, rotate image of n degrees (0=> no rotation, empty=> random rotation)
Background color: Depending of your GD php library, image rotation doesn’t work well with transparent image. The widget try to minimize this bug by drawing a full background color instead.
Picture frame choice
Multiple instance of widget

Grou Random Image Widget 1.13

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